10 things 2018 taught me..

Photo by Stefan Haworth

Photo by Stefan Haworth

1. You can’t control what happens to you but you can choose how you react to it. Sometimes the universe challenges us and we can get bitter or we can get better. It’s important to take what has been dealt to you and instead of fighting it, accept it and allow it to make you a better person. It’s our choice to allow it to tear us down or make us grow. 

2. Life is a gift, it is not a privilege. It can be taken at anytime and never given back. Every morning when you wake, think about how lucky you are to experience another day. 

3. When you focus on the good, the good gets better. Stop wasting time dwelling on things that didn’t go your way and focus on all the things that did. Sometimes things not working out the way we thought they should is actually a wonderful stroke of luck. 

4. It’s okay to be sad. Pain is only temporary. The good days, the bad days and the average days are all just as important as the other.

5. Friends and family are irreplaceable. Make it a habit to always tell them thank you. Express your appreciation for them daily, without expecting anything in return. Love on them always. 

6. You can be homesick for people and long distance relationships are harder than you can ever anticipate but also more beautiful than you could ever imagine. FaceTime is the second best thing after donuts. 

7. We are a lot braver than we think are. We should give ourselves more credit.

8. Outgrowing is not the same as giving up. Too often we hold onto things that are no longer good for us because we are afraid of failure. It’s important to know when to let go. Holding onto something that no longer adds value to our lives is toxic. 

9. Sunscreen is more important than we think. Melanoma can happen to anyone. Always wear sunscreen and get your skin checked. 

10. My body is beautiful. My scars, my pixie ear, my untoned muscles. It’s all made me who I am and I am so insanely grateful. I’m alive, I get to wake up and walk, I get to experience so much of this beautiful world because of these things I used to be insecure about. I am so lucky. 

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