New Zealand’s Southern Alps.




The hut is in a little suburb called Bob’s Cove. It’s up on the mountain side and looks out over the lake and at more incredible mountains. The perfect place to have a roast and drink some ciders to the dreamiest view. I love it here so much. There’s an incredibly scenic walk you can do around the lake and a jetty you can jump off if you aren’t afraid of cold water. 

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On my most recent trip, our beautiful friends Marie and Daiton spent a week or so travelling around with us. It was so nice to be able to show them some of my favourite parts of New Zealand. Just when we thought they couldn’t become bigger legends, they completely spoiled Stefan and I and treated us to a morning at the Onsen Hot Pools. It was the most relaxing time and the calmest I think I’ve ever seen my boyfriend. He is actually capable of chill. The views from the hot pools is breath taking and we were fortunate enough to have the most perfect weather for it. Afterwards, we went to the boat shed cafe for a coffee. This cafe has become a regular for me, amazing coffee, such a good menu and it’s right on the lake. 

Stefan wanted to surprise Daiton and Marie to try and thank them for being the best humans ever so we decided to have an outdoor movie night. We set up on a reserve over looking Lake Wakatipu with some hay bales, a white sheet hanging on the truck, some blankets, ciders and all the best snacks. It was the most beautiful night and the only way I want to watch movies now  



Glenorchy is my favourite place in New Zealand and where Stefan and I would love to build a tiny home. I was so excited for Marie and Daiton to see this slice of paradise. Glenorchy is close enough to Queenstown so Stefan and I have done multiple day trips there and decided we would go camping with Marie and Daiton. We found the perfect camp spot (although camping anywhere in Glenorchy is perfect) and set up for the night. We made some camp style pad Thai for dinner and spent the night sitting around the fire telling stories. The stars are always so amazing in New Zealand, if it is a clear night there’s nothing more beautiful than laying in the long grass, star gazing (there’s no snakes or spiders, so crazy I know!) Glenorchy has the cutest small town vibe to it and the pub has the most delicious wedges. It’s on a beautiful turquoise lake and surrounded by textures of mountains. Paradise is at the end of Glenorchy and a must do drive. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a place quite so magical. There’s plenty of cows, open land but unfortunately plenty of sandflies. Last time we were there, Stefan and I played some cricket and golf. Both sports played with a stick and stone and both sports won by me. 


Glenorchy is also incredible during lupin season. I was lucky enough to enjoy this when I was there last December. The prior visit I had just missed out. Its filled with all the purple and pink as far as your eyes can see and regardless of how many photos you see on Instagram, nothing justifies quite how beautiful they are. The perfect setting for a picnic and some afternoon wine, so if you visit at the right time of year it’s a must do! 


W A N A K A 

I haven’t spent a whole lot of time in Wanaka and haven’t yet been able to do Roy’s Peak hike which is said to be the biggest highlight but the time I have spent there has provided some pretty incredible memories. On my first trip to New Zealand we were road tripping with Will and Bear and on our last night of the trip, Stefan found us the most insane camp spot you’ve ever seen. We were on a farmer’s land, on the edge of a hill and over looking the lake. It was the most beautiful pink and purple sunset and the moon lit the lake up. We slept in one of Stefan’s tents, with the sides rolled up so we could star gaze all night. The next morning we woke up to the stillest and clearest water and a bright blue sky. We spent the day by the lake, swimming and in the blow up boat. It was one of the most beautiful campsites I’ve ever enjoyed.


The Blue Pools is another must do. It’s a short walk in from the carpark on a boardwalk surrounded by trees. Then you’ll arrive at the bluest and coldest water you have ever seen, the colour is honestly mind blowing. There’s a swing bridge for anyone (my boyfriend especially) who is crazy enough to jump off it. 

The biggest highlight for me was a scenic flight Stefan gave me for my birthday (he’s set the bar high with this). We turned up for the flight and it was really bloody windy. The pilot told us no one else was flying because of the wind but if we were keen so was he. I tried to ignore the conversation because ignorance is bliss and I’d rather not know what I’m getting myself into. We were in a Cessna which held 4 people including the pilot. Shortly after take off, the pilot handed the controls to me and I got to fly the plane for a little while (I’m adding pilot to my resume) and soon after I realised I couldn’t keep the plane level at the same time as taking in the incredible views, I handed the controls back. We flew out towards Milford Sound but soon discovered we weren’t going to make it quite that far with the winds the way they were. We flew as close to mountains as we could which really put into perspective how incredibly huge these mountains are. We would head towards what seemed like tiny gaps between mountains and the closer we got, the larger the gaps became. The pilot decided to have some fun with us and I soon understood what the boys meant when they warned me about feeling sick. After a couple of close calls, seeing some glaciers and getting up close and personal to some pretty massive mountains, our two hour flight came to an end. My stomach was happy to be on land again but my mind was still being blown at what I had just been lucky enough to see. Obviously it’s not the cheapest activity, but if you have some extra pennies it is more than worth every single one. One of the best things I have ever done. Thank you Stefan, you’re the best. 

Image by @stefan_haworth

Image by @stefan_haworth

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